Our Story

Africa’s challenges of food insecurity are heavily tied to grossly inefficient old models of food supply. For many decades, highly fragmented, underserved, and informal open-air food markets have been at the core of urban food supply systems in Africa. These are outdated models of food supply where food is produced, distributed, and sold, without farmers or traders having a clear idea in advance of when, to whom and at what price they are going to sell or buy their crops for. Due to inefficiencies in these systems of trade, farmers are exploited by informal food traders and traders cannot access a consistent supply of agricultural commodities.

Our wild obsession is to use disruptive technology to transform and formalize niche informal food markets in Africa. This is in line with our big hairy audacious goal to ensure that local food supply systems in Africa are efficient, resilient, and inclusive.

Every day, our team is determined to find innovative solutions that enable us to eliminate inefficiencies in urban food systems by facilitating trade between farmers and traders. We leverage simple yet disruptive technology to provide fruit and vegetable traders access to a consistent supply of fresh, quality, and traceable produce.

While we solve these challenges, we have placed at the core of our business ideology a shared value model that enables us to solve chronic social problems faced by people in economically marginalized urban and rural communities such as hunger, unemployment, and gender inclusion.


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